Knock (Detonation) Sensors

2206030P00 Knock Detonation Sensor Nissan Infiniti G20 J30 QX4
2206030P00 Knock Detonation Sensor Nissan Infiniti G20 J30 QX4
  • Model: 4004
  • UPC: 2206030P00

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  • Manufactured by: Aftermarket

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Direct replacement for the following OE/Alternate part numbers: 2206030P00, 22060-30P00, 2206030P00A, 22060-30P00A, 213-1818, KS79, 5S2217, 144-220, WA1711. A list of the models and engine information provided for a reference only. We are selling this by manufacturer's reference part numbers.

Please verify that you are ordering correct part by cross-checking indicated OE reference numbers against the numbers found on your current unit. If you are not able to locate part number(s) on your current unit, ask your mechanic or call local dealership (auto parts department) provide your vehicle's information and obtain correct reference codes for the part suitable for your car. Finally, cross-check obtained numbers against those indicated in the description or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Item Specifics:

Condition: new
Manufacturer: Aftermarket

OE Manufacturer's Reference Codes:

NISSAN: 2206030P00, 22060-30P00, 2206030P00A, 22060-30P00A
AC-DELCO: 213-1818
OTHER: 144-220, WA1711
Fits the following list of vehicles:
Year: Make: Model: Engine:
1995-1998 NISSAN 200SX , SE-R L4 2.0L
1991-1998 NISSAN 240SX, LE, SE L4 2.4L 2389cc
1989-1996 NISSAN 300ZX V6 3.0L
1993-1999 NISSAN ALTIMA GLE, GXE, SE. XE L4 2.4L
1990-1993 NISSAN D21 PICKUP, SE V6 3.0L
1998-1999 NISSAN FRONTIER L4 2.4L
1992-1999 NISSAN MAXIMA GLE, GXE, SE V6 3.0L
1991-1993 NISSAN NX L4 2.0L
1992-1999 NISSAN PATHFINDER LE, SE, XE V6 3.0L & 3.3L
1993-1998 NISSAN QUEST GXE, XE V6 3.0L
1991-1999 NISSAN SENTRA GXE, SE-R, LE, SE, XE, CLASSIC L4 1.6L & 2.0L
1990-2001 INFINITI J30 & Q45 ALL
1991-1996 INFINITI G20 ALL
1997-2000 INFINITI QX4 ALL
1996-2001 INFINITI I30 ALL
1990-1992 INFINITI M30 ALL

*May fit other makes / models not listed.

Note: The knock sensor responds to spark knock caused by Pre-detonation of the Air/Fuel mixture in internal combastion engines. The sensor generates a small voltage that is sent to the electronic control unit (ECU), which processes the signal to determine if, in fact, knock is occurring. As the flame front moves out from the spark plug ignition point, pressure waves in the chamber crash into the piston or cylinder walls resulting in a sound known as a knock or ping. This is caused by using a fuel with a low octane rating, overheating, or over advanced timing. Sometimes it can be caused by hot carbon deposits on the piston or cylinder head that raise compression. A knock sensor, which serves to warn of engine knock or pinging due to a bad air/fuel mixture, can go bad.

Some signs of bad knock sensor:

  • a sluggish engine;
  • poor fuel economy;
  • slow acceleration;
  • audible missing or pinging.

Most of the time, the knock sensors don't fail entirely but go "soft" and create false signals. You can check the knock sensor through an electrical harness.

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