Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensors

Mass Air Flow Meter 01-08 VW Golf Jetta 06A906461G 0280218060
Mass Air Flow Meter 01-08 VW Golf Jetta 06A906461G 0280218060
  • Model: 8209
  • UPC: 06A906461G

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Direct replacement for the following OE/Alternate part numbers: 06A906461G, 06A 906 461G, 0280218060, 0 280 218 060, 0986280216. A list of the models and engine information provided for a reference only. We are selling this by manufacturer's reference part numbers. Please verify that you order correct part by cross-checking indicated OE reference codes against the numbers found on your current unit!

TIP: under the hood look at MAF's housing and read engraved number(s). Usually OE number will be something like 0280 xxx xxx or 5WK96xx etc, the number is inscribed onto the black plastic part of the housing. The part number is NOT: PBT-30- please check the opposite side of the housing if you found that number. A small mirror might be helpful. If you are not able to locate part number(s) on your current unit, ask your mechanic or call local dealership (auto parts department) provide your vehicle's information and obtain correct reference codes for the part suitable for your car. Finally, cross-check obtained numbers against those indicated in the description or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Item Specifics:

Condition: new
Placement on vehicle: front

OE Manufacturer's Reference Codes:

AUDI / VW: 06A906461G, 06A 906 461G
BOSCH: 0280218060, 0 280 218 060, 0986280216

Fits the following list of vehicles:

Make: Year: CC: Engine Code:
VW Beetle 2004-2005 2.0 BEV
VW Beetle 2004-2005 2.0 BGD
VW Beetle 2001-2004 2.0 AVH
VW Beetle 2001-2004 2.0 AZG
VW Beetle 2003 2.0 BDC
VW Golf 2004-2005 2.0 BEV
VW Golf 2001-2003 2.0 AVH
VW Golf 2001-2002 2.0 AZG
VW Golf GL 2006 2.0 BEV
VW Golf GLS 2006 2.0 BEV
VW Jetta 2004-2005 2.0 BEV
VW Jetta 2004 2.0 AVH
VW Jetta 2004 2.0 AZG
VW Jetta 2003-2004 2.0 BBW
VW Jetta 2.0T 2007 2.0 BPY
VW Jetta GL 2001-2003 2.0 AVH
VW Jetta GL 2001-2003 2.0 AZG
VW Jetta GLI 2007 2.0 BPY
VW Jetta GLS 2004 2.0 BBW
VW Jetta GLS 2001-2003 2.0 AVH
VW Jetta GLS 2001-2002 2.0 AZG
VW Phaeton 2003-2004 4.2 BGJ
VW Phaeton 2003-2006 4.2 BGH
VW Touareg 2008 4.2 BAR
VW Touareg 2004-2007 4.2 AXQ

*May fit other makes-models not listed.

Note: No software re-program of the vehicle computer is required for the MAF sensor replacement. Easy do-it-yourself installation task. You may need to disconnect car's battery for about 30-40 minutes in order to erase old faulty codes from the ECU (electronic control unit).

Please check compatibility prior to purchasing!

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